In Light of the Paradox

When I close my eyes and center my heart, I ache with grief for the destruction of nature.

Planet Earth is this pure oasis within the spans of eternity. The ocean, the trees, the ground, and the air are our spiritual connection to the transcending divine. If god is good and spirit is love, then why do some humans have this gross, innate tendency to abuse beauty?

Is it rooted in self-hatred? Is it the way a person is born, designed, and wired by the cosmos – Or is it how that soul is raised, loved by love, and nurtured? I wonder about these things, though the truth remains obscured in my mind’s eye.

Human beings are compassionate, and yet we are corruptible. I cannot fully understand this complexity now, but perhaps in another place and time I will come to a revelation that offers a sense of meaning to this paradox. Maybe I already know, which is why I am drawn to non-duality — the unified oneness of nothingness. This might be the existential explanation of how life coexists with death and good with evil.

We follow the light from within the dark. For without darkness, there would be no light to follow.



Honey in the Heart

I had a vision whilst meditating…

When I closed my eyes, I saw the earth.

It was floating amid black space and scattered galaxies. All the world lived on the blue/green orb before me, as the omnipresent force of the universe pulsed around us.

Me, the observer. Earth, the observed one.

Like a mirage, two figures – a woman and a man – emerged from the stars to hover beside my dear planet. The woman had long, dark hair, parted in the middle, with sweet opalescent eyes that instantly found the light of my soul hidden behind flesh.

The woman smiled, standing between the earth and the man. The man seemed to look through me, focused on the bigger picture, the worlds beyond, yet supportive of this earth, my sacred home.

He was the Great Creator Spirit. She was the Spirit of Mother Earth.

Gaia, the spirit of our planet, kept her milky, watchful eyes on me, as she leaned into the world and gently opened the surface, exposing the core. The planet looked like a flower in bloom. Lava came gushing like a waterfall of vital nectar into her hands.

Mother Earth smiled as she held the spilling honey out to me.

Although I was very far away from her, I felt my heart explode. The bright orange of the planet’s core rippled through my chest. I felt warm and full of light, as the plasma filled me. Powerful light beams burst from my center out into space.

In some way, I was still the observer, watching my body illuminate with this honey in my heart. And yet, I could feel it. The purity of the love. The intensity of the aura.

Last I remember, the woman and the man were tangled in the radiating energy, the glow draped loosely around their shoulders. The woman, smiling sweetly.

I opened my eyes.


To me, this is a simple message for the people of earth.

We must connect to our core. We must feel in the way humans are meant to feel.

Feeling grief, pain, uncertainty, and, above all, love. Love for our oasis in space. Love for our precious existence in time. Love for one another. Love for our bodies and minds.

Mother Earth is our great teacher. She gives life and teaches us to do the same.