Earth Forever

Each day, every day, you connect with this precious planet we call Earth.

Send your vibes down through your feet. 

Stretch your leaves high like the trees.

When she cries, listen.

When she smiles, blow her kisses.

Grateful for our Mother Earth, who reminds us to spiral in love forever. 

Love and Gratitude. 

Happy Earth Day Forever xo


“I spread confident wings to space and soared toward the infinite, leaving far behind me what others strained to see from a distance.

“Here, there was no up. No down. No edge. No center.

“I saw that the Sun was just another star. And the stars were other Suns, each escorted by other Earths like our own.

“The revelation of this immensity was like falling in love.”

– Giordano Bruno


Tears of Stardust

Children are the purist flames of light, giggling into the universe with bright eyes.

They are our hope and our love.
They will teach us more than we will ever know –
The ones who will make new footprints in the sand.

Innocence has been ripped from the suffering heart of human culture – and for what?

For power?
For country?
For control?

History cycles through this world like a season.
Karma and pattern weave our story like a book.

Breath does not belong to me, to you, or to them. One cannot take it –
The breath of a child.
The wonder of the stars.

Our cosmic mother cries tears of stardust today and every day until peace.

We are better than fear.
We are wiser than hate.

But we still have much to learn.