Flow like the Galaxies

Never underestimate your existence.

In the name of gained perspective, take your astral body on a trip out into space – Far out into the luminous folds of the interstellar continuum. Imagine the spiraling dust clouds known as galaxies dancing harmoniously to the infinite song of time.

How bizarre is the paradox of one’s consciousness? Vast, yet limited.

Our minds are incredibly powerful. Our hearts, immensely knowledgable. Memory comes and goes like the wind. Emotions push and pull like watercolor tides under a full moon. Meanwhile, the spirit watches.

When you are feeling like a lost particle floating through the aether, find peace of mind knowing you are wholly one with the cosmic process.

Follow your flow, like the galaxies.


Her Stories

Reading stories full of He –

He was an Explorer.

He was a Hero.

He was the President –

Made it not a wonder at all,

the Writer tells stories about Him.

Alas, when She washed up onto the page,

like a creature surfacing from the depths,

She brought Me,

She brought We,

and She brought Her stories.


Stomach Ache

Being addicted to MONEY is like wrapping SLOTH, GREED, AND PRIDE up in a burrito and having it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the rest of your life.

We are so misguided…