The Journey

After a long day of reflection and Netflix documentaries, I decided to take a walk.

My feet carry the weight on my shoulders. Each step shakes the hate and the rage, and I feel my heart grow tall with love instead of small with doubt.

Running, Running, Running – for the Seven Generations, for Mother Earth, for the sake of all that is good in the Human Soul.


I bite back disease, picking slimy plastic and dirty paper from the grasses. This trash… This trash is the legacy of our very own ruthless, three-headed monster called Egotism. The snouts of Materialism, Capitalism, and Consumerism growl when we stand together.

And yet, I smile at my friends, my sisters, my teachers, as our paths criss-cross and intertwine. With sweet music drumming in my ears, I see the song in the leaves as they rustle to the tune of Wind like anemones dancing in Water’s current.

Stopping to stare into the folds of a rose, I resist the urge to capture the beauty. A true divination. A true color. Instead of taking, I give in to the flower’s pure serenity. I inhale her calming scent and feel my body release her suffering.

Maybe we are fish in a fish bowl – bubbling in an oasis eternally circling the void of space. Here we swim and here we run and here we become unconditional love.

We have been blessed, whispers Coral, Forest, and Ancient Wisdom. They beg our listening hearts and our humble minds.

One awakens to begin the journey.


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