Trump too Shall Pass

Pity the man whose legacy shall be the corruption of natural beauty.

Trump will not be here on this planet forever. He will disappear with the ever-blowing wind one day. When that time comes, I hope we will all be reminded to stay awake.

Today, many are feeling despondent. The fascist man-child holding the office of presidency in the trembling nation of America is terribly misguided.

However, he will not succeed long-term. He will jump off the bridge, but we will not follow him. For, we have arts and sciences on our side, of which neither he believes in.

There are certain truths other people may never understand. Some may never grasp the simple pleasure of feeling gratitude; the state of bliss achieved by awareness. Awareness of a cool breeze on a hot day, the luxury of running water, or the predictability of weather patterns.

Until some kind Soul slips Trump and his cronies some DMT, we must set out sights on technology that will clean the air of CO2 emissions and businesses that will provide clean drinking water for all.

Love one another and pity the fool, for he too shall pass.

2 thoughts on “Trump too Shall Pass

  1. Hahaaa…. oh wow LOVE this post, Avery. Haven’t laughed so purely in a while. 👍


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