Ray of Light

I have come to see divinity everywhere…

It is in the breath. It is in the music.

A human being worshipping God in the image of a human being is like a grain of sand worshipping the Ocean in the image of a grain of sand.

God is not a single human being – God is every human being.
God does not watch from a seat in the clouds – God watches from a seat within the Soul.

The question becomes: how might one see God?

How can a person truly feel connected to pure energy?

One must dust off the imagination and open the lens of intuition.

A free-dreaming consciousness can dive deep into the microscopic universe, dancing with the elemental particles.
A limitless mind can soar far out into the expansive reality of space, drifting with the awesome spiral galaxies.
Prana through and through.

This is the power of awareness. With it, one awakens to the greatest truth of existence…

The energy of self is as infinite as a ray of light.

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