Heavily Meditated

The practice of meditation does not belong to Einstein, to Socrates, or even to the Buddha.

A meditation practice is what connects you to the Earth, to the Universe, and centers your being in relationship to the infinite folds of this multi-dimensional Continuum. Meditation will not only help you cherish the little things, but the mindful practice will make you revel in an understanding that these so-called little things are EVERYTHING.

From the sound of birds chirping in the tree tops – to the sight of a sunset washing through vein-like traces of fog in a breathing, evening sky – all the way down to the steady stream of clean water rushing from the faucet, out into your glass or bath – are all little things that show us every waking moment is a chance to be grateful.

Meditation gives the Self a safe place to surrender to all that is unknown in the inner and outer worlds. This beautiful vulnerability melts your heart like a kiss.

Release all that pertains to past or future from your mind and body – cast it out into the winds so you have space within to connect deeply to the present.

Each time you find peace of mind, you heal the soul of suffering.


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