A Letter to Mom

Dear Mom,

You are the reason I am able to buckle down and write.

I am remembering when you would, each night without fail, sit down at the kitchen table with the boys and I after a long workday to help us with our papers. I always thought it was because you loved us so much – never imagined it could be that you simply loved to write. Now I think maybe it was both.

I can remember the weekends when I would play with fisher price dolls on the floor in your office while the keyboard went CLICK – CLICK – CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. The sweet smell of old wooden chairs mixing with fresh cut grass outside the dusty, open window brings the happy memory bubbling to the surface of my beating heart. I do not think I ever truly left that itchy carpet in your office with keys going CLICK.

I have come to realize I naturally find a sense of comfort and excitement, instead of fear, when faced with a blank page or a white canvas. This is because of the confidence you channeled every time you sat down to write. Whether I was aware of it as a child, I cannot be sure. But your strong creative spirit has seeped into my bones nonetheless and I am forever grateful for it.

I wanted to share this nostalgic hijack of my ever-wandering imagination in hopes that these words may help you see yourself through the eyes of your daughter – who thinks the world of you and boldly explores the world because of you.




“First get it all down on paper, then go back and edit later.” – Kaira Rouda

5 thoughts on “A Letter to Mom

  1. I love your mom too. I am always amazed at the contagious enthusiasm that springs forth from such a tiny woman. And then there’s her laugh! and a snort, if you’re lucky. ❤

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