Hugs not Drugs

Contrary to popular alternative facts, sugar is a drug.

We Americans are literally high all day long. Sugar is in almost everything on your plate from breakfast to lunch and on into dinner. We are babbling through our busy lives like monkeys, enjoying the trip.


How nice would it be to have a sense of control and understanding of your own mood swings? How swell would it seem to have a clear eye about things?

Ever wonder: What am I doing? What the heck is going on?


You reason, but if sugar was a drug then the FDA would certainly have it off the shelves! I mean, if sugar is seriously a drug then we’d hear about our noble federal law enforcement agencies arresting minorities for possessing bags of sugar. There would be a sugar mafia somewhere selling this crap if sugar was indeed a drug.

Alas, the sugar mafia does exist and it hides under an illusive hat… A hat adorned in buttons representing members of our corrupt food and drug administration. They line their pockets while we line our shelves with junk.


Stop buying it. Eat less of it. Keep your kids away from it.

Check out:  for an incredible journey through a sugar addiction – and learn how to kick it to the curb.


Don’t tamper with your own divine nature. Say “bye” to the sugar high.

Love for yourself and for others will fill the void.

hugs for days


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