Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothingness is the thing inside you that listens when no one is speaking – the eye of awareness watching as your life blurs into things called memories.

To be one with your nothingness, one with that inner eye, is to last forever in infinity. Feel your divine connection to nature and dissolve boundaries between your layers of consciousness. As you practice this meditation, you will enable yourself to find peace in any moment. To awaken yourself to the paradoxical reality that you are both whole and empty – that you are nothing and you are everything – will empower your spirit with a profound truth.

As the Earth spins around the Sun, the Sun around the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Galaxy around the “Black Hole”, one comes to realize our human experience is quite a beautiful thing. Life has taken a chance on this two-legged, big-hearted species. We humans, with the help of a garden called Earth, found a way to breathe within a harsh Universe of extremes.

Now that we infer our inhabited planet is one among many — Now that our collective consciousness is lifted, how does one find meaning? If randomness and pattern each coexist in this continuum, how can the human mind possibly make sense of it all?

Finding a method to the madness starts with you. While unruly emotions rise and fall within your being, find that place of nothingness … Notice how anger can be a tidal wave, immensely destructive. How letting your tears fall can be as refreshing as a rain-shower. How an experience of pure joy can make your heart bloom like a wildflower.

Be receptive. Widen your lens. See this wondrous human race as unified with the continuum not as a separate entity. Dismantle delusions that create sensations of loneliness. Understand that you are connected to everything that ever was or is or will be. Be willing to let go of your fears. Spread your wings and SOAR!

To walk through life with dead eyes is a waste of your time here. To ignore the fiery passion within you causes friction with the unfolding flow of fate. All this mass and matter is as fleeting as the wind, but YOU – your spirit IS the wind. You ARE the Universe in motion. You are the watchful eye, the voice of reason, the listener of truths. Sit in the seat of transcendental love – the seat of nothingness.


For nothing is one thing that truly lasts forever.




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