Life is Too Short

If you are seated in a cubicle right now, wondering how you got there, and if you will ever get out — Get out, I tell you!

So often we beautiful and loving and sensitive and strong human beings get trapped in the matrix of our modern world, forcing ourselves to sacrifice the very things that give meaning to life – like spending time with your children, walking in nature, and exploring the world. Life is way too short and time is much too infinite for a person to be living a life less than extraordinary.

Ya never know when the next meteor will crash to Earth or when an orange-tinted president may throw a tantrum and fire a nuclear bomb. Keeping all that in mind, make sure to tell the people who you love that you love them every day. Make sure you leave behind trails of light wherever you go. Make this world a better place because you lived amid it.

Be who you want to be. Do what it is you are destined to do. Laugh and sing and dream as high and as far as the galaxies – as far as the universes and beyond. Life is way too short for anything else.





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