Tree People

My friend and I had the opportunity to volunteer with TreePeople today. TreePeople is a non-profit organization that plants and cares for trees.


If you take part in an activity like this, you can learn all about how best to plant a tree (or any other plant for that matter). Making sure the hole is leveled off so the trunk of the tree lands at the right height. You can also get in touch with your inner child, at one with nature.



TreePeople was started by a passionate seven-teen year old boy in the seventies named Andy Lipkis (who is still whole-heartedly involved in TreePeople today). To me, Andy’s vision is a spectacular reminder to all of us that no dream is too big and that all it takes to change the world is a little bit of passion, purpose, and intention.



Trees need People. People need Trees.



tree 2.jpg





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