Waters of Time

Apparently, water has a memory. So I’ve been thinking… If water has a memory, then what is the conscious nature of the cosmic flow of space/time?


Prana is the Sanskrit word for Life Force energy. Prana is like the heartbeat of the Universe. You cannot see it, but, if you listen very carefully, you can FEEL it. It is the movement of the intergalactic continuum. It’s the force that causes the orbiting of planets far and wide. The life force energy is the twisting and turning of DNA strands and the perpetual push/pull of atomic particles.

field of stars

Everyday is an adventure when you think about how incredibly awesome our Universe is. We live in a cosmic wonderland! Did you know, when you shake a person’s hand, your skin molecules never physically touch the other person’s skin molecules? Also, what the heck are emotions and where in the toot do they originate? 

So, what IS the nature of our time in space? What is reality really? Reality might merely be a single reflection on the surface of the waters of time.  Each time we close our eyes to dance in the land of dreams, we tip our toes into these shallow waters. Listen to your heartbeat. As you do, you will hear the cosmic ocean sway and share precious words, softly spoken, with the divine Universe.


Just keep swimming… xo

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