Oasis in Space

Reflecting on the other planets out in the Universe…

opposable thumbs

Beyond our protective atmosphere, the majority of planets in the Milky Way are forever hurricanes, endless deserted plains, or choking skies with acidic rains. Almost everywhere we look, we find worlds unfit to harbor life.

A galactic sunflower

So what? What does it matter? Well, knowing the great rarity of planets like our sweet Mother Earth, makes a person feel very grateful for the colors of this precious place and the freedom of breath itself. How lucky we are to breathe in clean air. How cool is the opportunity to explore the rocking and wondrous oceans on our Blue Planet. Every single day, we have a chance to live in harmony with the billowing nature that exists on this diamond in the rough – the beautiful green trees, the thundering mountain tops, the rich mineral grounds – all aspects of a special planet so many of us take for granted.



Consider looking back to see how far our species has come. Then, I implore you to look ahead to see how far we have left to grow.


Cherish your breath. Walk with gratitude. Feel the love.




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