Transform Tension

Open your heart and unlock the tension inside — the grief you carry, the grudges you hold, the blame you’ve made. Let go of your sadness, your regret, your longing. Let it drain from your being, out into the wide space before you.


Allow the power of the universe to take this energy you’ve shared and to transform it into stars, into an ocean in a distant world, into the cries of a newborn or the blossoming of a decadent flower. See, energy cannot be labeled good or bad – It’s just this pool of existence where nothing can be created or destroyed, only transformed.

If you hold your energies and emotions to yourself, you are starving the Tao of it’s purpose. This universe loves to turn negativity into positivity and thrives at the chance to create life from what we call death. You gotta let the bad vibes go so they can morph from pesky nuisance into light waves of love.


Not only does it feel quite euphoric to release what holds you down, but this conscious decision to let go empowers your being to grow into your greatest self. This practice helps you to see clearly the positive opportunities that arise upon your path of life. Become your mountain to feel at peace in any situation. Let your tension be the clouds passing you by.



Dare them to move you.



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