Take Your Time

What did you learn about the Universe today?


Maybe you learned the Sun, our Solar System’s great, glowing star, completes an orbit around the center blackhole of the Milky Way Galaxy every 225 million years!!


Or, maybe you heard that there are an estimated 400 billion stars in our galaxy and an estimated 500 million Earth-like planets circling these stars?!


I bet you found out about the 7 billion billion billion (7*1027) separate atoms fixed together to make up your human body?? What a load of star power!


You probably discovered the meaning of infinity today. From the theory of the multiverse to the existence of other dimensions, we live in a space that has no end and no beginning… :O!!


To conclude, I am almost certain it will not shock you at all to learn you are made of the dust that rocks the stars. Your being is as infinite as the skies.


Take your time. Space is full of it.





2 thoughts on “Take Your Time

  1. Love this one! Came at such the right time, too. I am curious who you read for inspiration, either books or bloggers?

    I think you would enjoy Paul Graham. He’s a gifted programmer, but also writes some fascinating essays. “Do What You Love” is one of my favorites: http://paulgraham.com/love.html

    And have you read any of James Altucher? Very inspirational, particularly in showing that there are so many ways to have a great life without being in a cubicle and having a bunch of clutter in your life. His site is at altucherconfidential.com

    Hope you are excellent! John


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