In it to Shift it

Each person’s perspective is like a bubble all their own. You live within it and you make it out of whatever stuff you’ve got lying around. From the things you read to the foods you eat, it all circles your being.

If you don’t like a bubble that you’ve made, all you have to do is pop that tosser and blow some better ones. Just keep creating the worlds you want until the stuff that circles your being is totally in line and aligned with the truth you feel inside.


bubble world

Sometimes I think it would be nice to run away from toxic bubbles in my sphere. Like our ruthless systems of control or our attachments to misguided beliefs – I’ll just skip off into a field of daisies and perch atop a luscious green hill and let my worries fade away with the sweet smelling wind.


Well, that just won’t fly. Where’s the challenge? The energy? The relationships?? Like my good friend Mario once told me, you have to play the game to beat the game.

You gotta be in it to shift it.


Game on.



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