Zone Out and Zen In

It seems to me some people are worried to let go of their worry.

Find a soft ground, maybe a feathered bed, a pillow or a carpet on hardwood, or maybe a patch of warm grass in the yard. Cross your legs, fold your hands in your lap, and let your thoughts uncoil.

Blackness soothes your tired eyes. Emptiness holds your heavy heart like stars in the dark of space.

Let go, or be dragged. Thoughts appear, but you do not train your focus on them. You let the worry wash over you as if you were stepping under a waterfall, the rapids rolling off your back.

A gentle gasp brings a gust of air through your chest. The faint rhythm of your life beat pulses. Your mind remembers your body and realizes it is a force to reckon with. You listen. You are still.

You see time is only the now and everything that ever is or was exists here. You wonder how you can worry in an infinite space such as this. It would be silly to see a little krill stressing about things in the great ocean of this world. Your perspective cracks open. Your mind grows.

Don’t worry about it, okay? Easier said then done! But if it was easy, you wouldn’t need help and you wouldn’t need to practice the art of mindfulness. Meditation is a practice.

Love your moments. Remember your body. Be true to your voice. Quiet your mind.


zen in
Zone Out and Zen In,


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