Be Whole

We’re all out here together in this crazy world, bobbling about like a bunch of ants in an ant-farm. We follow our paths, barely running into one another, and constantly carrying more than we can hold. We use Tinder and Texting and Facebook and Snapchat to flirt, or to creep (depending on your nature), with people we find cute or with those hotties with da bodies. We compare the look and feel of our Timeline to others’ Timeline like- omg, she did this, and I didn’t, FOMO, like what, no, my life is over, I fail as a human, goodbye…


Why do we get so wrapped up in these things? Why are we forcing the connection through a virtual reality? If you want to meet someone, just be more present in your daily life. Smile at the little things, shine in your own way, and I promise you others will notice. It seems like young people spend so much of their time trying to impress others, or waste time obsessing about what these others think. It’s a natural part of the human condition to think this way, but let’s be honest, social media makes it harder to turn off that sad chattering voice.


If you’re feeling lonely or if you’re worried what the future holds, try to embrace the light that is glowing all around you. Count your blessings (#blessed), think about all the things in your life that make your heart warm, and maybe pick up a new creative hobby. There’s so much to see in this world. If we’re constantly trying to find ourselves or establish some kind of delusional world online, we’re going to miss out on the wonders of nature.

urbeautiful              galaxy

There’s a really great quote floating around that reminds the reader to set out on this journey, not necessarily in search of your other half, but rather in search of yourself. You are not a half and you do not need another person to make you whole. No matter how you appear to be online, you still need to find your place in the real world. Try to realize that you are an infinite wonder, a being created by a glorious cosmic combustion. You are a million different atoms wrapped into one. If you let it, your light will shine as bright and as beautiful as the star in our sky, giving life to all things that come near the radiance that is you. As soon as you begin to discover your own inner sunshine, you will surely collide with another soul on a similar path. That is the magic of the real world. That is the power of natural true love.


So, to wrap this up, try using your Ego for good. Instead of using it to see how many likes you get on your social media appearance, use it to establish a real world self-awareness. Explore your own emptiness. Pay attention to all the things that make you tick. Take a step back from the you who sits in your profile, so that you can discover the depths of your own dreams. There is a sea of truth deeper than Earth’s oceans just waiting to be explored.


Find yourself. Find your soul mate.



PS here’s the quote 🙂


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