Eye on Your Heart

It is easy to get caught up in the motions, to be living in a cloud above your head, a world all your own and separate from extra noise. A place where, when you communicate with friends or family, you come off as if you are far from the present. The sound of your voice may flutter with pitch. A bit too high or perhaps a tad too low. You are somewhere else, sifting through thoughts of another time.

When I catch myself drifting away from the moment, or even totally lost from the moment before it arrives, I remind myself to speak and to think with my heart. What I do is I consider the fundamental essence of what grounds me to all the nature that exists on this wonderful planet. It is my body. I listen to the pumping of my heart, feel the warmth of my insides, and take notice of how gravity weighs heavy against my spine. I turn inward and I focus my explorative thought bubbles on imagination. I think about how my body works in a magical systematic harmony and how sacred good health really is.  Each time I reflect, I feel a fresh connectivity to my person and to the present moment of my current reality.

nature body love                      brain

If you ever feel like you are going to burn out or your nerves have gotten the better of you, or both, take a deep breathe and remind yourself that this world is worth paying attention to. Acknowledge your thoughts, then let the anxious bursts flutter away. Keep your mind open to wonderful things and keep your your eye on your heart.



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