The Mind of the Universe

Did you know there are people on our planet who are in the process of figuring out how to harness the immense energy in space that engulfs the universe we know? Yeah, me either, until I read this: Vacuum Energy: Proof of Free Energy in the Space All Around Us


Basically, what these awesome humans are investigating is to create technology that can capture this unseen force that controls all matter. If we do, in fact, find the intellect to understand this unimaginable construct of quantum physics, our species would be able to do the unthinkable. We would have the ability to manipulate the essence of time, shooting through distances in dark space, through star dust and other solar systems. We could visit other planets and be known as Extraterrestrials. Humans would not only be able to travel the universe far and wide, but our species may also find comfort in knowing our planet has sustainable energy, allowing nature to prosper. All this could be possible with Vacuum Energy.


Obviously, this whole let’s dig into earth’s core and spit black gunk out into the atmosphere, choking all living things in a fog of destruction is an idea that has run it’s course- well, at least in the mind’s of humans with compassion. Additionally, we’ve come up with green friendly alternatives such as solar energy, wind turbines, and the force from ocean tides, which are all very helpful in making progress toward sustainability on earth.  However, each of these aspects is like one molecule working within a human body. Our universe is a complex organism with a mind of it’s own. If our species can tap into the central nervous system of the universe’s body by using this notion called Vacuum Energy, humans would be able to experience imagination in the mind of the universe.

Eye Universe

Peace, Love, and Enlightened Minds,


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