Have you ever wondered about veins?

The shape of the vein seems to constantly appear in nature like a reminder that all living things are connected.

From the enormity of the glowing galactic vein that burst into existence after the Big Bang, all the way down to the little blue vein that pops out under the skin on the top of your foot. Veins are all around; they’re in the leaves of the trees, thicker branches shaped like veiny fingers clawing toward the sun. They’re reflected in the shape of a stream as rapids rush like the blood in our bodies into an open sea. Veins are in our fruits and in our vegetables. They’re in every animal and every insect. What is it about this creative shape that unifies all things?

To me, a vein is a symbol of natures desire to grow. It’s a strength derived from passion. A powerful force pushing outward to create more of what we know life is. The instinctual behavior of veins to stretch outward, to web off in different directions, to create and define and spread light and fight darkness is mystifying.


Veins are the threads of our existence and I am just a piece of the puzzle.


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