Heavenly Buddy

The greatest dog, my buddy, my stallion, my double stuffed, just passed away yesterday. Oreo was his name. He was a mutt with the most present and aware eyes I had ever seen in a dog before. He was a sincere treasure and my best friend since I was a raggedy haired, crooked teeth, happy little gremlin. 

I haven’t been back home yet, but I know it’s going to be hard without him there. Especially, when I sit cross legged on the ground and he’s not around to crawl over into my lap and snuggle up with his chin on my knee. I think I’ll miss that the most. He was the backbone of my family, the leader of the other two puppies and my Mom’s constant shadow. His death will be hardest on her.

We’ve known he was sick for a few years now, but his smelly breath smile and his wagging pom-pom tail fooled me till the end. He was a happy dog, so I know he died with beauty in his dreams.

I’ll miss my buddy with a memory that aches in my heart, but I know his spirit will live on in my family and friends who cherished and loved him. 


Remember to give your attention to the animals in your life, the unconditional love there is priceless. 


Rest in Peace My Love,



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