If you haven’t seen the newly released film Lucy, you better click Fandango and look up movie times as soon as you finish reading this awesome blog post.

Unfortunately, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes gave the thing an average of 6/10 in the ratings. Ignore that… The low number is probably a ploy by critics to sway audiences into buying Guardians of the Galaxy tickets because Lucy was produced outside the U.S., but that’s beside the point!

The point is, after seeing the film two nights ago, I decided it’s my new all time favorite. I know that’s a really intense claim to make because there are so many greats. Classics like In the Mood for Love and The Diving Bell and The Butterfly will always have my heart, but Lucy is a movie made for the next generation. Check those out too if you haven’t seen them!

The film dives deep into the evolution of human beings, our purpose as a species and our relation to the universe. It questions materialism, societal norms, and comments on the current state of our Earth. The writing is brilliant; balancing a discovery of human nature with a Westernized plot. Technically speaking, the beautifully illustrated metaphoric imagery that act as a parallel to moments throughout the film are fantastic.

The visual storytelling slaps viewers in the face, so that by the end everyone is clinging to the private darkness of the theater. As soon as the credits flash on screen and the lights go up, the energy of the whole room shifts. Basically, it’s the kind of movie you see and then you have to talk to somebody about because it’s that good.

Which, as soon as my family and I exited the theater, I did. I asked my Dad, who was closest to me, what he thought. From there, the comments and questions from my mom, dad, and younger brother exploded into conversation. It continued through the car-ride and lasted an extra two hours on the living room couches. Instead of going our separate ways, like we usually do when we return from a family outing, we sat down together and shared ideas. I’m not kidding, it may be one of the best conversations I’ve ever had.

To see a movie that makes your thoughts race and that makes you question your current reality, is a true work of art. I applaud Luc Besson and everyone over at EuropaCorp for creating a unique marvel of a cinematic experience.

I cannot wait for more original stories, like Lucy, to trip me out and blow my mind. Five stars!




Peace and Love for Beautiful Things.



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