Among the Stars

More often than not, I hear people belittle themselves. “I can’t”, “I’m so dumb”, “I’m an idiot”, “I could never”, are everyday phrases people throw around.

Sure, some may think the phrases harmless, but I beg to differ. As soon as thoughts become words a trigger in the brain connects to reality. You only live once- why sell yourself short?

Personally, I think everyone has the potential to shine beautifully in their own life. Love is a powerful word, but it has to resonate within before it fully radiates through you.  If you ever feel like you cannot accomplish a task, something inside you should switch on and say “well, that sounds like a challenge”. Avoid playing the safe card, value your gifts and never shut yourself down.

Whether you want to sing for someone other than your shower head, or you want to try eating a vegetarian diet, or you want to take up soccer, or apply to a university- it doesn’t matter. In the end, you can do anything you set your mind to. Sometimes the things that seem so hard to conquer are day-dreams that play out like re-runs in your thoughts. A reoccurring episode with the only conclusion you can be sure of- failure. It’s easy to decide the ending for yourself, it’s harder to live in fear of what could be.

Live every day like it’s your last and shoot for the moon. You’re bound to land among the stars.





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