Stretch Your Senses

It’s crazy how a smell can bring you back to another time and place. I just opened up my wallet to put away some euros for my spring break trip and for some reason I found myself daydreaming of my bedroom in California. I haven’t used my wallet at all in Paris, because I really only ever carry pocket change, my credit card and my student ID card. When I opened up my long lost friend of a money holder and the faded leathery insides wafted into the air, I smelled home.

Paris, you’re everything I wanted you to be and I will relish in the last month of moments we have together, but after smelling a single smell of home I can say I am excited to be back. To see my people, go to my places, eat my foods, and obviously smell my smells. There’s something to be said about time spent living comfortably inside your own bubble. I am beyond thankful to my parents for allowing me to branch outside my bubble and to try all of the new things I’ve tried; the new experiences I’ve been lucky to have, and the nice new people I have met. I will never forget these times in my life; it has been truly wonderful.

I’ve learned that you must live as crazy as you can inside your bubble because you will always be able to sincerely feel at home there.  I can challenge myself here, while I’m abroad, but the trick is to keep that spontaneity- that thirst for wilderness while back in my cozy space. Maybe just add some air to the bubble to keep growing the spaces.

In short, always remember to stretch your senses. No matter where you are in the world.


Do one thing everyday that scares you.

-Eleanor Roosevelt


Smell ya later,

Aves 🙂





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