Evolved Blog

So, I’ve been trying to come up with a new name for my blog and I think I finally got it…

Basically the title now describes what happens in my mind whenever I feel compelled to log onto my blog and send my thoughts out onto the web. It’s like a thunderstorm of thoughts and ideas. My brain tells my fingers to type and then, before I know it, the rain has settled, the clouds clear, and the sun of my soul shines out again. This blog helps me clear my mind of my mental brainstorms.

Don’t take this in the wrong way- I love the storms… The wrath and the rage mixes with this passion I have for life and allows me to create and imagine. I have a lust for living; but I also have an intolerance for the commonplace injustice of it.

I can’t help the storms so instead I fully embrace them and share the results on here.

After all, the best storms create the most extraordinary rainbows…




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