Meditating through the Modern World

Meditating through the Modern World

I meditate whenever I can, though recently I’ve lost the time to sit with my thoughts as often as I would normally like. Paris is simply too stimulating to ignore, especially under the glowing sun.

As a reminder to myself and the general public of the blogosphere, I researched the benefits of meditation and the importance of finding time to relish in one’s own personal universe- an inner sunlight. This website is very informative- even for me, so I’ve attached the link for anyone who follows me and is interested in meditation. Whether your a beginner to the practice or you are already passionate about meditating and have maybe fallen off the bandwagon like I have. Either way this webpage is a good read for everyone and anyone.


ANNNND after you read it- go sit like a butterfly and focus on your breath for 10 minutes. Give your thoughts a rest, file them in a color coordinated imagined folder, focus on your aching body, on your full lungs, your straightened posture.

If a thought invades- give it a color (red, blue, yellow) whatever seems natural to you, don’t over think it. And simply file it away into your subconscious.

Breath in and out. Also before all of this… Put your cell on silent.

I’m going offline to hang around in my mind.

Peace out & Namaste

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