Eyes Widened

Today I am writing to you all from a small apartment above the sweetest bakery in the 1st district of Paris, France. That’s right everyone- PARIS, FRANCE…

For the next 4 months I will be living, breathing, and constantly eating the French culture. I will be experiencing everything new that begins with a life abroad and away from the United States.  After finding my way around the city and through the language barriers I have realized already how deeply these next few months will affect my perspective and help me grow as an individual. I have already let go of a few of my strong minded ideas in order to adapt to the new culture.

For instance, yesterday I bought a roll of hard authentic gnarly looking salami and stuck it in the fridge. For anyone who’s wondering why the purchase of salami should be brought to any sort of attention at all, well it’s significance is simply that I am a vegetarian and have been for 2 years. I mean not only am I veggie friendly, but more and more I find myself advocating for animal rights. To buy salami- with intentions of eating said salami is a big step, but you know what they say. When in Rome…

So anyways I think I’m going to eat meat while I’m here- it’s what they do and it’s why I’m here. I’m here to do what they do, to live like these people and become a part of their culture to really understand what it’s like to be in another world.  Eating meat is just the first step, but to me it’s quite the leap so wish me luck (wish my stomach luck actually, who knows what could happen in there).

And now I leave anyone who stumbles upon my blog and reads this with a reminder and maybe a challenge. No matter where you are in our small diverse world, I implore you to find an understanding of your own. Whether that be at the homeless center down the street where hunger and hope can bring together any heart, or perhaps the small park across the block where a peaceful beauty and understanding is found like the ideas of Isaac Newton.  There is something to see in every direction- something that will remind you to appreciate your life within and the life all around. I challenge you now to simply open your eyes and look.






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