A Feminists Perspective

As the new wave of feminists sweep our nation I would like to offer the blogosphere my own opinion on equality. Although I am a feminist at heart I stand for what’s right in a moral code of my own- I’m not searching for a radical change in legislature, but rather a deep understanding about what’s right and what’s wrong in a regards to a conscious equality.

We’re all growing adapting and evolving to futuristic ideas because we are a race that strives to move forward. Once we can reach that level of equal consciousness and realize every thing has an inner beauty to offer the organic system of life the world will be a better place. No matter how big or how small, skin color, gender or religion- we are all part of the same sun born in the rhythm of the moon.

There’s no escaping the obvious fact that we are one- just ask Charles Darwin…

So why then do we continue to battle and dwell on our physical differences? If we can choose to perceive attributes of life through the spirit, then individuality combined with equality and love will create an imagined circle of life. Feminism is simply another entity of inequality to fight for in our nation, a fight that is certainly worth the war…


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