Blackfish Documentary

I just finished watching Blackfish the documentary that points out the inhumane truths about the treatment of Orca Whales in SeaWorld parks and franchise companies across the world. Please do not support SeaWorld this Christmas- or at all, and instead watch this insightful and artful film with your family. 

Animal captivity is immoral and especially the exploitation of these intelligent Orca whales is barbaric. There are theories and evidence that can prove whales are as intelligent as humans in their own respect. They even have an extended part of their brain that human brains do not have. If you look into a whale’s eye (in person or a Google image) you can see the soul of the creature inside.

There comes a point in everyone’s life, whether that’s before or after your flesh decomposes into the Earth or not all depends upon an understanding and perspective. A perspective where we recognize that we, humans, do not own the Earth, but rather exist because of it. We share the planet, if we don’t stop this ignorant way of life soon we may never recover. 

It’s really amazing to me how terrible some people can be just to gain a profit. It’s truly heartbreaking to see and although my heart and soul is fighting for the Killer Whales in captivity, I also can’t help feeling sorry for the corporate moguls out there who have the ability to look the other way.  It takes an awfully ignorant and confused living soul to commit these acts of cruelty without the remorse to put an end to the atrocities. 

I hope change is in the future, but honestly it’s just another thing that’s fucked up in our world. Who is open to a world wide boycott of SeaWorld? I am…

One thought on “Blackfish Documentary

  1. I watched ‘Blackfish for the first time today! Shocking and heartbreaking! something definitely needs to be done.

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