Short and Sweet

Like the title of this post I want to encourage you to eat the right amount at every meal.  Yes, most of us have the luxury to go out to a decent restaurant and maybe order more than a main course.  Hey, that’s not so bad right? Well yes and no.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m super into ordering everything that looks good on the menu.  I used to tell myself, “ya know you order it you eat it”, as to try and not waste food, but then I started to think maybe that saying is a little over rated.  When it comes to wasting food I literally have anxiety throwing anything away that can be eaten, but what I’m trying to say is that sometimes it’s not worth it to over eat just for the sake of not wasting food.

Your body tells you you have had enough for a reason.  Listen to it and don’t push more down your throat because it taste really really good or like me you just can’t seem to put it in the trash.  It’s okay to throw it away sometimes, but honestly it’s way easier to just put the right amount of food in front of you and just go from there.  Trust your gut- literally.

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