This Youtube audio of Jason Mraz’s song Wordplay is the song I chose to represent my blog audibly. Wordplay, in general, is defined as “the witty exploitation of the meanings and ambiguities of words, esp. in puns”.  To me, the best part of writing is creating something that has more meaning and depth to it, while also experimenting with the overall feel of the word.  Words are so cool because without them so many things in our world would lack purpose.  We use words to describe what we see, how we feel, who we are, and more.  Words define us and everything else, yet there is so much more to be said- literally about language in our society.  Sure people realize the importance of words and having an extensive vocabulary, however most haven’t discovered how much fun wordplay is.  I strive to make writing and reading as fun as possible, to mess with the meanings and structures of words- to figure out why certain words mean what they do.  Have you ever wondered where our common phrases and terms come from?  I was thinking yesterday about the word “brainstorm”, I wonder how that term came about.  Did somebody sometime somewhere wake up one day, start thinking about something intently and compare it to a thunderstorm in their mind?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Most likely I will never find out the derivative of the word, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to just not ask these questions.  It’s fun!  Words were born for a reason and used for special purposes, whether to describe the savory flavor of your favorite food or to construct a play like those of Shakespeare.   Words should be taken seriously in life, used thoughtfully  and hopefully that will inspire you to play with the word to give it more personality and attitude.  Who knows, maybe one day you will create your own term like “mindshowers”.

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