My Prospective Puddle of Peers

I have never been someone that feels inclined to share all that is on my mind.  In fact, one of my best qualities as a person is an amazing listener.  I love hearing about peoples dreams and about what makes certain people itch for life.  So for me, when I had to share my thoughts in writing aloud, I was petrified.  When it comes to my writing- my passion- or any other aspect of creative thinking I am always hesitant to share the final piece.  Maybe it stems from my fear of being critiqued or maybe in contrast it comes from a desire for acceptance among my peers.  No matter the reason, I seem to always have trouble turning to others for creative advice.  This being said, when I found out I was supposed to share my poem aloud with the class I was petrified.  As my classmates all took their sweet time reading their different, and beautifully captivating writings, I was sitting in my desk trying to tune out the sound of my racing heartbeat.  Sure enough my time came and with a deep breath and dry swallow I began reading my poem.  It went by too quickly for me to reflect on the actual experience of reading it, however the response from my classmates was very encouraging.  Most of my peers really enjoyed my piece and others offered great feedback to develop the poem further.  Ultimately the overall act of reading aloud made me more confident with my writings because I noticed others in my class felt similar about letting the class into their world.  The reaction from my peers after I read, however was the most rewarding part because they offered great ideas and different perspectives that in the end made my poem better.  I think workshops in general make for better, revised pieces of writing and I can’t wait to do it again with another goup of anxious creative thinkers like me.

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