To Be or Not To Be, My Theory of Poetry

My personal theory of poetry stems from my belief that poetry is one of societies most beautiful and thought provoking art forms.  Poetry can be written in a very abstract and freeing form, but can also appear in a more structured and purposeful way.  One can interpret poetry in so many different ways because there are so many different ways to structure it.  Poetry is like architecture in a way.  An architect can build an enormous and powerful building, beautiful and sleek on the outside and purposeful and structured on the inside.  A architect could then build a massive sculpture that twists and turns and is colorful and has no meaning besides what is interpreted by its audience.  This is much like the freedom of the poet.  The poet has the ability to create poems of all sorts, ones with meanings, ones with structure, ones that are simply feel-good playful poems.  The freedom of imagination and creation is endless when writing poetry.  My favorite kind of poetry teaches a lesson through a clever and thoughtful use of words and rhythm.  Imagery is also another big technique used in poetry that I admire and try to mimic in my work.  Metaphors and similes help explain and give the reader an abstract visual to the real meaning of the poem.  I also think detail is important to a poem.  The more the poet portrays to the reader the better the flow and the impact of the poem.  Poetry is an outlet of expression that takes many forms and serves many purposes.  In the end it all comes down to the reader and how they are affected by the poem.

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