So the assignment was to analyze a poem and find what makes that specific poem important.  What sparks the reader’s interested.  Well coming from the first hand experience of a reader of poetry I can tell you that for me one of the most crucial aspects of poetry is the imagery and overall presentation of the words within the poem.   For example the author, Shane Lake (who wrote a poem about whales that I cannot seem to find the title of anymore) used many metaphors and similes in his work.  He also elaborated on the imagery and visuals in the poem.  I enjoyed the visual of the giant whalebones hanging from the ceiling;  I thought the image was very clear and strong.  The rhythm was also very soothing and I liked how it was told in the form of a story.  I am still learning to accept the fact that in order to become a great writer one must read and analyze other’s works in order to know what direction to go in.  I know this and I know doing so builds experience,  however every time I read something brilliant all I yearn for is a piece of paper and pen so I can attempt something better.  Maybe it’s my competitive nature, but I really do need to just relax and dive into as much literature as I can.  Hopefully one day wannabe writers, like myself, will analyze the words I have strung together and try to make sense of my own thoughts and imagination.  Now that would be a challenging assignment!


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