Dear Student Writer (Short Fiction)

Dear Student Writer,

Hey friend! So you’re new to writing? You will be happy to know that there is not a right or wrong way to write.  I have learned over the years that becoming a writer means finding yourself through your personal writing style.  You are your best tool.  Nobody else knows what is going on in that creative little thinking cap of yours so use that to your advantage!  I know that for me, when I was testing the writing waters the best stories and the ones I had the most fun bringing to life were my comedically clever captivating stories.   Everybody has their nitch and I think the first step for any new writer is finding that nitch and pursuing it.

Another great tip is to read! Read, read, read! Whether its the back of a milk carton or a gossip column, just read it.  That is my new slogan for you, just read it. Well it’s true! If you read the writings of others not only will it give you ideas and information to use in your writings but it will do so much more.  Your brain will enlarge with the extensive vocabulary you will eventually acquire. You will impress your audience with the facts in your writings and the world will know you mean serious business as a writer.

For me it’s always difficult to find what the purpose behind my writings are.  Sometimes I find that I like to just write for the heck of it.  I like to create stories, stimulating and fun stories, but what I need to work on is the motive for the story.  My goal is always to have my reader take away something from my writings, whether it be a smile or a life changing moral it doesn’t matter.  Just something.  So Student Writer, always think about “hey, why and who am I writing this for again”.

Love Always,

Your Fellow Student Writer

One thought on “Dear Student Writer (Short Fiction)

  1. Good advice here, especially the “Just read it!” suggestion. How wise you are to realize that once a writer finds his or her voice, or “nitch” (do you mean niche?”) as you call it, then the stories do begin to take on a captivating life.

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