My Authorial Intent

After thinking long and hard about what I consider to be my intent when writing short fiction I’ve come to realize that it is simple.  I tend to write for a motive.  I write so that the reader will take something I said to heart and maybe even better themselves because of it.  I write because I want to share my ideals with the world and I think every great writer should strive for the same.  Perhaps a writer will share something with the reader in order to leave a lasting impression, but maybe they just wrote a piece of short fiction to write it.  I think if the story, what ever it may be about, can give the reader something after they’re through then the writer has succeeded.  For instance with the short story Gob.  After reading the story the reader understands what the author was feeling during that time and learns a lesson.  We learn how mistakes are made and that people everyday feel some kind of guilt for something in their past.  But most importantly we learn that denial also lives within us all, and one ever knows when it is going to rear its ugly head.  If a short story can teach the reader something or shed light on an issue the author feels important than they have achieved the goal of the author’s intent.

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